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How to Wire Aftermarket Fog Lights

by Adam Paul

Many modern cars are equipped with fog lights. This is for a good reason. They work well at adding more light in difficult lighting situations like fog and rain. If your vehicle did not come equipped with a set, they are fortunately very easy to add on as an aftermarket option.

Mount fog lights to the front of the car in a location that does not interfere with the hood, signals or headlight. Be sure not to mount them in a place where they can get damaged by road debris.

Run the harness supplied with the fog lights from the fog lights into the engine compartment. Connect the appropriate connections to the battery, to a secure grounding point on a metal vehicle panel and to an accessory position powered wire. Connect the final set of wires into the passenger compartment to go to the fog light switch. The appropriate wires and their connections will be identified by the supplied kit's schematic.

Locate a suitable mounting location for the fog light switch, and mount it securely. Connect the wires from the fog light harness to the switch.

Zip-tie all the wires securely, and secure the fog light harness so that it does not interfere with moving engine parts. Ensure that a fuse is in the harness. The fog lights should be installed at this point.


  • Make sure the fog lights are aligned downward to keep them from blinding oncoming traffic.
  • You get what you pay for when buying fog lights. The more you pay, the better and more reliable they will be.


  • Be sure not to damage or nick any wires as this may lead to a fire. If the supplied fuse blows, check all wiring. Do not install a bigger fuse.
  • Check local laws before installation. Aftermarket fog lights may be illegal in some municipalities.

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