What Is a Deep Cycle Battery?

by Chris Moore

Deep cycle batteries are a type of lead acid battery, similar to the ones used in cars. They are designed, however, to provide a more constant charge that the regular car batteries. These batteries are commonly used with motor homes, boats, golf carts and other recreational vehicles.


Deep cycle batteries have thicker plates made of solid lead compared to those of their "starter battery" counterparts, which use a lead "sponge."


A deep cycle battery can normally be discharged of up to 80 percent of its capacity and then recharged without depleting its power over time.


Deep cycle batteries are used to power golf carts, small marine vehicles and others that run exclusively on battery power. They also run the many household devices contained in RVs.


A deep cycle battery can be used for a starter battery in a car. It can work even better that a normal battery for vehicles with several electronic devices.


Marine batteries are often referred to as deep cycle batteries, but only a few are truly deep cycle. Most are a hybrid version, using a coarser, heavier lead sponge than starter batteries.

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