The Best Way to Wire an Electric Choke

by Amy Rodriguez

Many older vehicles, and even some racing cars, use carburetor assemblies instead of fuel injection systems within the engine compartment. Carburetors require proper wiring configurations for a newer electric choke installation.


An electric choke resides on top of a carburetor. The choke blocks the carburetor's air flow influx, creating pressure beneath the choke for pulling more fuel into the engine's combustion chamber system.


An electric choke uses two polarized wires for connection to a power source. Connect the positive "+" wire to a 12-volt fused ignition power source. Attach the negative "-" wire to ground, or the vehicle's chassis. Do not connect the wires in a reverse manner, with positive attached to ground. A fire can result from improper connections.


Do not use the ignition coil as the 12-volt power source. Use a voltmeter for probing possible power source candidates, such as a windshield wiper motor. Each vehicle can differ in their electrical configuration.

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