The Best Way to Clean Aluminum Rims

by Alexis Writing
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For car enthusiasts, clean and shiny rims are just as important as having a clean and spotless car. Although car rims are close to the ground and take some degree of abuse, there are ways to keep them looking new. However, maintaining the look of new and shiny rims requires the correct type of cleaning as well as polishing.


The first step to achieving that brand new rim look is to rinse the rim thoroughly. This can be done by applying regular water to the rim. Use the hose to do this, using a spray nozzle that will apply a degree of pressure when the water is applied to the rim. The pressure will help to break up the dirt and the grime. Also, try and use warm water when possible. Warm water will work better to remove grime and dirt from the rim.


Oven cleaner is a great do-it-yourself solution for cleaning aluminum rims. The oven cleaner should be applied to the rim directly after the rinsing phase while the rims are still drying. Spray the oven cleaner generously on the rim, especially in areas where there is more grime and dirt caked on. Once you are satisfied with the application, take a break and allow the oven cleaner to work. Allow the solution to sit for approximately 30 minutes and then return to scrub using some sort of non-abrasive scrub brush. If all of the dirt and grime does not come off the first time, apply more oven cleaner to the areas and scrub over again until you are satisfied with the appearance of the rim. After scrubbing is complete, rinse the rim with hot water and then apply a pressurized rinse from the hose and nozzle to ensure you remove all the oven cleaner. Failing to remove all of the oven cleaner can cause a white film to appear when the rim is dry.


Apply polish that you purchase from a car supply store. Generally you can use a clear car wax to polish your aluminum wheels and the polish can be applied at the same time you apply the wax to the body of your car. To apply the wax to the surface of the rims, follow the label instructions and make sure to use a soft cloth. The cloth you use to polish and/or clean is important because aluminum can scratch easily if you use the wrong cleaning instruments. Therefore, to ensure your rims look good for as long as possibly, make sure to clean and polish your rims on a regular basis using the right types of cleaners, clothes and polishes.

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