How to find the VIN number

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Find the VIN number of a car by using this step by step guide. The VIN number is the identification number for a car. Usually composed of both numerical and alphabetic characters, each VIN number is unique. Use this guide to discover different ways to find your vehicle's VIN number. Whether you are looking for parts for your vehicle or planning on ordering a Vehicle History Report, get started by finding the VIN number!

Find the VIN number on the Certificate of Title. The VIN number is generally located in the upper left hand corner of the Certificate of Title and is labeled as the vehicle identification number.

Check your vehicle's proof of registration. Your proof of registration, which is required to be in your vehicle, contains the VIN number in various locations depending on the state.

Use your Insurance Identification Card. Your proof of insurance, also required to be in your vehicle, contains the VIN number as well.

Lastly, if you want to get the VIN number off the vehicle directly, look on the inside left corner of the dashboard, under the front windshield. The VIN number will usually be inscribed on a piece of rectangular metal that is attached to the inside, left corner of the dashboard. The easiest way to read off the number is by standing outside the car and looking down, through the windshield.

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