Where Is the VIN Located on a Yamaha Timberwolf?

by Tatyana Ivanov
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The Yamaha Timberwolf is a popular ATV, or all-terrain vehicle. These vehicles are used for off-roading and are also known as four-wheelers or quad bikes. Features of the Yamaha Timberwolf include a four-stroke engine, a McPherson Strut system, automatic clutch and a five-speed transmission. Each Timberwolf manufactured in the United States after 1978 is labeled with a vehicle identification number, or VIN, which allows previous and future owners to track damages to the vehicle.

VIN Location

The vehicle identification number of the Yamaha Timberwolf is located on the left side of the vehicle's frame. This is also the side where you find the gear shifter. Depending on the year the ATV was manufactured, the VIN is engraved behind the front or back wheel. The vehicle identification number is visible without removing any parts from the vehicle. Turn off the vehicle before attempting to locate the VIN.

Use for Potential Owners

The vehicle identification number of the Yamaha Timberwolf can help you determine the appropriate value of any ATV up for sale. Sellers must provide you with the VIN upon your request, or you can locate it yourself when test-driving the vehicle. Once you have this number, you can search public records to find if it has suffered any flood damage, or if it has been salvaged. Prices for these ATVs could be considerably lower than others. You can make vehicle price comparisons by using the Kelly Blue Book.

Use for Current Owners

Current owners of the Yamaha Timberwolf can use the vehicle identification number to find the same information as future owners. From this information, you can glean the resale value of your vehicle and compare it with similar vehicles' Blue Book values. Additionally, ATV VIN decoders provide additional information, including the year, make and model of your Timberwolf, if any of this information is unknown.

Troubleshooting VIN Location

You may have difficulty locating the vehicle identification number of your Yamaha Timberwolf. Due to its location near the wheel well, the VIN can often become caked with mud or dirt. Remove the dirt on the left side of the frame behind both wheels to reveal the VIN. Additionally, turning the wheels to the right before looking for the VIN makes the number easier to locate.

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