Vehicle Price Report History

by Steve Smith

It is important to find out the past price history of a used vehicle because this tells you how the value of the vehicle has changed. It will also help you establish a better price point for the car when you negotiate. It may clarify what the seller is telling you about past owners and the car title.


A vehicle price history report shows the past sale prices of the vehicle during its lifetime. This price report is only significant for those cars that have had several owners. This is useful because it verifies what the seller is saying as far as past owners and salvage titles. If a car was sold for a very low price at an auction, this will be recorded in the price history report.


Buyers use price history reports to double-check the words of their salesmen. It is used to detect possible title fraud, because below-average sale prices indicate the car was sold at auction, possibly as a salvage vehicle. If the title does not list the car as a salvage vehicle, and a very low sale prices is listed in the price history, do more research on the car, or choose another one. This indicates the seller may be trying to hide something about their car.


A vehicle price history report is part of the car report. It is offered through companies like CARFAX and AutoCheck. The price history is one section of the complete report. It will not be included in the free car history report. Each price is listed with a sale date. Though different formats and layouts are used, the information is always a sale price and date.


Another alternative to a car price history report is a free Vehicle Identification Number check. This lists salvages and thefts on cars. It is presented free to consumers as a service to prevent insurance fraud. However, only cars insured by companies who participate in the free VIN check program at the time of theft will be listed here.


When buying any used car always get a car report. The price history will be included here at no extra cost. Never pay for a price history alone. You will get a full accident and service history in addition to this report for around $25 (as of 2010). If you are shopping for multiple cars, buy unlimited car reports and get the price histories for every vehicle for one single fee of around $45. This is the economical and safe way to find out about your car price history.

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