How to Find the Value of a 2005 Ford Roush Stage One V8 Mustang

by Kevin Kinder

Whether you are buying or selling an automobile, you want to get a fair price at the time of the exchange. With their unique parts and performance capabilities, the Roush Mustangs have a greater value than their standard counterparts. The vehicles, however, depreciate at similar rates, meaning that an approximate value for a Roush Mustang can be determined by noting the change in costs for standard Mustangs during the same time frame.

Step 1

Inspect the car for blemishes, both externally and internally. Specifically, look at items such as the glass, body panels, tires, carpeting and more. Any defects will affect the overall value of the automobile.

Step 2

Locate a reputable, independent mechanic who can examine the vehicle. For about $100, most auto shops will determine the roadworthiness of a vehicle. Deficiencies, especially mechanical ones, can greatly affect the price of the vehicle.

Step 3

Find the Blue Book value of a similarly equipped but non-Roush-made 2005 Mustang. You'll need to know the condition of your car for the Blue Book assessment; use the data determined from Steps 1 and 2 to make that judgment. As an example, a 2005 Ford Mustang GT with 75,000 miles found to be in excellent condition is worth about $13,865.

Step 4

Divide the Blue Book price for a similar used Mustang, the value found in Step 3, by the original manufacture's suggested retail price for the same vehicle as new. This will determine the amount of depreciation for that model year. Using the example from Step 3 again, and the base MSRP for a 2005 Mustang GT of $24,995, we find this vehicle kept 55 percent of its value.

Step 5

Find the Roush Mustang's original value by adding the prices of the upgrades (see Reference section) to the basic model's original MSRP. Stage 1 Roush Mustangs were equipped with a body kit, side-mounted exhaust, wheels and upgraded suspension system. These items combined have an approximate value of $5,680. With our example car, that would have made the original purchase price with the Roush modifications to be $30,675.

Step 6

Multiply the Roush-equipped car's original purchase price by the percentage of value after depreciation, which was determined in Step 4. This will be an approximate value for the car. For instance, using the our model car, its $30,675 original price would mean it is worth approximately $16,871 on today's market.

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