How to Use a Jump Starter Pack

by Perry Kong
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Learn how to use a jump starter pack and claim your independence the next time you get stuck with a dead battery. This convenient and portable device is available at most automotive supply and department stores. A jump starter pack provides a safe and reliable method for jump-starting a dead battery without the need for roadside assistance or a donor car. Proper polarity and safety precautions of traditional boosts still apply.

Step 1

Ensure that your car is turned off and the transmission is in "Park" for automatics or in gear for manual transmissions with the parking brake on.

Step 2

Raise the hood and secure it with the prop rod.

Step 3

Place the jump starter pack on a flat surface where the cables will reach the battery. Ensure that there are no moving parts in the way and that the jump starter pack won't fall over.

Step 4

Clamp the red (positive) jump starter cable to the red (positive) side of the battery. The battery top posts, side terminals, cables and clamps are distinctly identified in red with a "+" sign for positive. Negative is marked in black with a "-" sign.

Step 5

Clamp the black (negative) jump starter cable to a clean, shiny, metal part in the engine compartment. The negative clamp must have good contact with bare metal for proper grounding. Do not clamp it on or near moving parts.

Step 6

Turn the jump starter pack power switch to "On."

Step 7

Start the car and leave the the engine running.

Step 8

Shut off the power to the jump starter pack. Disconnect the black (negative) cable from its ground first, then the red (positive) cable from the battery.

Step 9

Remove the jump starter pack and close the hood.

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