What to Use for Cleaning Transmission Parts

by Melissa S. Treacy
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With use, the parts to a car’s engine can become quite dirty. Pieces of the internal engine are exposed to hot oil and dirt as a car navigates the roadways. According to Automedia.com, a burned-on brown patina can be formed after years of use. The hard, brown stains of an engine’s transmission often are impossible to remove with a basic cleaner.

Ultrasonic Machines

For those operating a business or finding the frequent need to clean transmission parts, an ultrasonic system may offer the best option. According to Transmission Digest, cleaning transmission components in an ultrasonic machine can be done simply. Put the disassembled parts in the washing basket, close the lid and push the start button. These machines make quick work of cleaning the parts, and there is no scrubbing or elbow grease required. Ultrasonic machines also replace the need for toxic solvents, which can be a plus for the environment, according to the magazine.

Spray-On Oven Cleaner

If you are seeking to remove set-in stains that are burned onto a surface, think about the kitchen. Many auto mechanics have found that a spray-on oven cleaner will do the trick. As oven cleaners are designed specifically to remove grease and “baked-on” stains, it works wonders on car parts as well. According to Automedia.com, it is best to allow the parts to warm first in the sun. Next, apply liberal amounts of the oven cleaner, and allow to stand for 10 minutes. After the spray has soaked, scrub the parts’ surfaces with an abrasive cleaning pad or with steel wool. A second application may be used if all stains are not removed. After scrubbing, spray the parts with a water hose to remove the cleaners. Do not use the cleaner on any painted surfaces, as it may damage them.

Transmission Flush

If you are not planning to disassemble your transmission for cleaning, a cooler-line cleaner may be the best option. According to bulkpart.com, there are many such products designed to flush the transmission without removal of all parts on the market. The bulkpart.com website suggests using the cleaners to remove harmful contaminants. The products are described on the site as “a great way to clean the trash, metal shavings, sludge and fiber” out of the transmission, especially from the cooling lines. The products come in aerosol cans, with attached hose-like applicators. Link the hose to your cooling line to flush out any particles, clearing your lines for use.

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