Upgrades for a Chrysler 3.5L

by Dr. Samuel Helms
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The Chrysler 3.5-liter engine is used in a number of vehicles, including the Chrysler Concorde and New Yorker. The newer engines have up to 255 horsepower. Most companies will sell upgraded parts by the model of vehicle first, then the type of engine. Ways to improve the performance of the engine include using iridium spark plugs, adding a supercharger and using a high-flow air intake system.

Spark Plugs

One of the first upgrades for any gasoline engine, including the Chrysler 3.5L, is to use iridium (or a iridium/platinum alloy) spark plugs. Iridium has an extremely high melting point, which allows the elements to be finer. This gives a better spark that more completely burns the fuel, giving greater power per ignition. Many manufacturers make iridium spark plugs, including Denso (usually model QJ16HR-U and NGK part ZFR5LP-13G). Replacing spark plugs is something you can do at home.


A supercharger works by using the engine's power to forcefully inject air into the cylinders. More air means higher pressure and a better ignition, leading to more horsepower and torque. Superchargers generally do not reduce fuel consumption by the engine because they use some power from the engine to run. For the Chrysler 3.5L, Modern Muscle makes a supercharger kit 05-09 300 for the engine.

Cold Air Intake

For vehicles using the Chrysler 3.5L engine, another inexpensive way to boost performance is to allow greater consumption of air into the engine without using more fuel. Engines usually pull air through a filter to remove particulate matter, but many filters also restrict air flow. Upgrading to a high-flow system, such as model 69-2543TK from K&N, can add 12 horsepower without lowering fuel economy.

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