How to Unlock a Honda Seat Belt

by Matt Scheer
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Locking and unlocking the seat belts in a Honda -- whether you are the driver or a passenger -- is relatively simple, regardless of the many Honda models. Once you know how it only takes a few seconds to do.

Instructions for Unlocking a Seat Belt Clasp.

Step 1

Look for the clasp of the seat belt. This should be inserted into the seat belt socket at seat level. The position will vary depending on where you're sitting in the car, and which model Honda you have.

Step 2

Notice the large, square button on one face of the seat belt socket. The seat belt socket sticks up from the seat and can fit easily inside your fist. Place one hand on the seat belt clasp, which sticks out of the seat belt socket and connects around the seat belt strap that runs over your chest and lap, and place your free hand around the seat belt socket, holding it firmly.

Press the release button on the seat belt socket. This will release the clasp, and the seat belt strap will be pulled into the dispenser. Hold onto the seat belt clasp, or the strap, so that the seat belt strap does not suddenly run into the dispenser, possibly hitting you with the clasp. Allow the strap to gently retract into the dispenser.

Instructions for Unlocking the Strap

Step 1

If you want to add more seat belt strap for a more comfortable fit, but the strap won't move when you pull on it, the seat belt strap is most likely in the locked position. This is a safety feature. The seat belt has a built-in tensioner which locks and holds you in place in case of an accident. Unlock the clamp from the seat belt socket, and let the seat belt strap gently retract into the dispenser.

Step 2

Hold onto the seat belt clamp sticking out of the dispenser. Pull it toward you and then out in front of you. Pull more of the strap out of the dispenser than you need.

Lock the seat belt clamp in the seat belt socket. Continue to hold onto the seat belt strap. Once the clamp is locked, gently allow the seat belt strap to retract into the dispenser. It will stop once it fits over your body.

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