How to Unclog a RV Toilet

by Patrick Cameron

You bought your RV so that you could have a home away from home, one with all the comforts including a tidy little bathroom. But, because RV toilets use so little water in the flush, it's not uncommon for the toilet to become clogged. Unclogging an RV toilet is generally a relatively simple matter and doesn't require any special tools or plumbing know-how.

Step 1

Find an appropriate stick. If you're in a campground or near the woods, you should be able to get your hands on a tree branch. A stick with a blunt end on it is best.

Step 2

Snake the stick down through the toilet drain, pushing the clog out in to the holding tank.

Step 3

Run water from the toilet down in to the holding tank. This will flush the pipe clean and also remove any extras from the stick.

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