What Type of Glue Do I Use for Outside Rear-View Mirrors?

by Nick Davis

Over time, outside rear-view mirrors give in to rain, snow, ice and humidity. The glass, any plastic and other materials within the outside mirror may become weak and break. Replacing an outside rear-view mirror with a new one may not be an option. You don't have to take your vehicle into a repair shop. With the right adhesive, you can do the repair at home and save some money.

Liquid Nails Type Product

Use a Liquid Nails type of adhesive that is designed to bond mirrors, metal and glass to repair your mirror. Mirror, metal and glass adhesive comes in a tube for use in a caulking gun. Such glues are available at your local hardware and home improvement stores. The adhesive is waterproof, non-corrosive, heat and steam resistant and permanent.

Repair Procedure

Remove the mirror from your vehicle according to your vehicle's repair manual. The mirror may be screwed on the vehicle or mounted with an adhesive pad that must be freed. Be carefully when removing it. Don't yank the mirror off your car. When removed, place the mirror on a workbench or other flat surface so you can glue the mirror or other parts back on the mirror. The adhesive must be bonded with the mirror within 10 minutes. Spread the adhesive and press the glued parts together for about 10 minutes. Let the mirror set for at least 24 hours before cleaning up any adhesive residue with a razor blade or mineral spirits.


When using a metal, mirror and glass adhesive, wear gloves and long sleeves. Keep the substance off of your skin. If you do get some adhesive on your skin, rinse it off immediately with soap and water. Try to work quickly and repair the mirror outside or in a well ventilated area. Do not repair the mirror inside a closed space or garage. Also, don't keep repositioning the mirror or other parts---try to get it in the right position the first time. Check the condition of outside rear view mirror the next day to ensure the bonding took correctly. Store the metal, mirror and glass adhesive in a cool and dry environment. Make sure you leave a small amount of the adhesive outside the top of the tube to seal the container.

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