How to Turn Up a Cummins Fuel Pump

by Jared Curtis

The P7100 Cummins fuel pump in the 12-valve Dodge can be turned up to increase the amount of fuel delivered to the engine. The 12-valve engine is unique in that the fuel pump on it is mechanical and can be turned up to increase the amount of fuel going to the engine. The fuel plate that controls fuel delivery is located inside the pump. It can be adjusted inside the pump to increase fuel delivery.


Open the hood be pulling the release lever inside the cab.


Locate the intake manifold on the driver's side of the engine. The manifold bolts directly to the top of the engine, and it's connected to a large 4-inch tube that routes the air from the turbocharger. If you aren't sure about the intake manifold, follow the 4-inch tubing from the turbocharger until in enters the engine. The metal bracket that bolts to the engine is the intake manifold. Remove the clamp connecting the tube with a ratchet and socket.


Remove the six bolts that secure the intake manifold to the top of the engine, using a 10 mm socket and ratchet. Set the bolts aside. Remove the intake manifold from the engine.


Locate the lid on the fuel pump. It is located directly under the intake manifold on the driver's side of the engine. There is a metal tube that connects to the lid of the fuel pump. Remove the four bolts securing the lid to the pump. Lift the lid off the pump.


Loosen the two flat-head screws that secure the fuel plate in position. The fuel plate is set in the center of the mounting points from the factory. Slide the fuel plate toward the front of the truck and tighten the screws using a screwdriver. Sliding the fuel plate toward the front will increase the amount of fuel, while sliding it toward the back will decrease the amount of fuel. The mounting positions on the fuel plate are oval, so the plate can be placed in any position.


Put the lid back on the fuel pump and secure the bolts. Reinstall the intake manifold in the reverse order.


  • check If you would like more fuel, aftermarket fuel plates can be purchased and installed.
  • check It is important to install an EGT gauge to monitor the exhaust temperature before adding more fuel to your truck.

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