How to Turbo a Honda Accord

by Shayrgo Barazi

The Honda Accord is not the most performance-oriented vehicle on the market. To increase its performance, install a turbo kit on your Honda Accord. Installing a turbo kit on your Accord is by far the quickest way to make a substantial horsepower and torque gain. However, installing a turbo kit on your Accord is also one of the quickest ways to cause irreversible engine damage if you are not careful about certain aspects of turbocharging, such as proper tuning and boost control.

Step 1

Remove the turbo kit from its packaging, and lay out the parts on the floor. Make sure all the components are there.

Step 2

Jack up the Accord and place it on jack stands.

Step 3

Disconnect the exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold. There will typically be two or three bolts holding the exhaust pipe to the manifold. Remove the bolts that connect the exhaust manifold to the engine block with a ratchet and remove the manifold.

Step 4

Install the turbo onto the new manifold using the hardware supplied with the kit. Be sure to install a gasket between the turbo and the manifold.

Step 5

Connect the exhaust manifold and turbo assembly to the engine with the hardware supplied. Torque the nuts to the torque specification supplied with the turbo kit. Connect the new exhaust supplied with the turbo kit to the turbocharger, or have a new exhaust fabricated by an exhaust shop.

Step 6

Connect the oil feed line supplied in the turbo kit to an oil source on the engine. The source will be detailed in the turbo kit, but will typically be at the oil pressure sensor.

Step 7

Remove the oil pan and and take it to a welder who will weld a bung onto it. This will be used for the oil return line. Reinstall the oil pan and connect the oil return line from the turbo to the oil pan.

Step 8

Install the boost gauge (should have come with the kit) to monitor boost pressure. To do this, route a vacuum line from the vehicle cabin to the engine, and tap into a vacuum source on the intake manifold.

Step 9

Flash the engine control module so that it adjusts fuel and ignition timing to compensate for the additional air entering the motor. Failure to follow this step will result in severe engine damage.

Flashing the ECU is accomplished by purchasing a tuner and plugging it into your OBD Diagnostic port and following the steps given by the manufacturer. You can also ship your ECU to the company and they will ship you a flashed ECU.

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