How to Troubleshoot a Nissan With No Brake Lights

by Patrick Nelson
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Troubleshooting a Nissan with no brake lights involves identifying where the failure is.

Step 1

Reverse the vehicle so that you can see the car's brake light reflections on a flat surface like a wall. In bright daylight, you may have to do this inside a garage.

Step 2

Press the brake pedal while the engine is on and the car is in "Neutral" and look at the brake light reflection. If you see one or two of the brake lights illuminate, you can deduce that the issue is with the bulb on the failed brake light. If no lights illuminate at all, the issue is with the fuse.

Step 3

Turn the vehicle off and replace the brake light circuit's fuse. Nissan automobiles have two fuse boxes. One is located in the engine compartment and one in the passenger compartment. Open the hood and remove the engine compartment fuse box cover by pushing the tab and lifting it up. Open the passenger compartment fuse box by pulling the handle. It's often below the dash.

Step 4

Look for the brake light fuse on the index labels. Remove the fuse with the included puller tool and replace the fuse with one of the same color and amperage. Close the fuse boxes, start the Nissan and test the brake lights.

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