How to Troubleshoot a Hyundai Starter Motor

by Zyon Silket

One quick step can help you troubleshoot a defective Hyundai starter. By eliminating the solenoid from the ignition system, you can confirm if the starter still functions properly. To complete this troubleshooting, you need an insulated screwdriver to prevent getting yourself shocked and a second person to start the Hyundai while you are under it.

Step 1

Locate the starter under the Hyundai. It is on the left side of the engine between the transmission cross member and the transmission. The starter solenoid bolts onto the starter motor.

Step 2

Locate the two metal tabs on the back of the solenoid. A wire connects to each tab. The one on the left goes to the ignition and the one on the right goes down to the starter motor.

Step 3

Place the screwdriver place against both tabs at the same time. This shorts out the Hyundai's starter solenoid and creates a connection between the starter motor and the ignition.

Step 4

Hold the screwdriver in place while the second person attempts to start the car. If the starter motor revs up and hums without sounding choppy, the starter works fine. If the starter does not rev up or it sounds choppy, the starter is defective.

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