How to Troubleshoot a Ford Freestyle A/C

by Alibaster Smith
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The A/C in your Ford Freestyle uses an R134 refrigerant to cool the cabin when the A/C is on. The A/C compressor is responsible for delivering the refrigerant to the cabin through the air conditioning lines and the fan inside the cabin. Over time, the Freestyle's A/C system may need maintenance or a "recharge," i.e., a refrigerant refill. This kind of maintenance is rare, however. If you are experiencing problems with your Freestyle A/C system, you should troubleshoot the problem before trying to fix anything.

Step 1

Turn the engine on and wait for the engine to reach normal operating temperature. The needle on the water temperature gauge on the dash should sit at or near the middle mark on the temperature gauge.

Step 2

Turn the A/C on and set it to the coldest setting.

Step 3

Turn the fan motor on and set the fan to the highest setting.

Step 4

Check to see if any cold air is blowing out of the vents. If no cold air is blowing out of the vents, then shut off the engine.

Step 5

Open the hood and check the accessory belt on the A/C compressor wheel on your Ford Freestyle. The accessory belt should show no signs of wear. If there are any signs of wear or the belt looks damaged in any way (chipped belt teeth, fraying, glazing on the belt teeth, dry rot), then you need to replace the belt. If the belt looks normal, then the problem is likely your compressor. Compressor leaks are common, especially in older Ford Freestyles. Your compressor will need to be replaced.

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