How to Troubleshoot a Ford Escape

by Alibaster Smith

The Ford Escape is a crossover SUV manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Priced below the Ford Explorer, the Escape is a more affordable SUV choice. However, over time, even the best vehicles will experience problems. Successful troubleshooting is not just for professional mechanics. When you do experience a problem with your Ford Escape, you can properly diagnose the issue and solve the problem with the right knowledge.

Step 1

Listen for a squealing sound when the Escape is on and you are turning the steering wheel lock to lock. Many Ford vehicles suffer from power steering pump problems that are inherent in the design. The Escape is no exception. If your car "whines" or squeals when you turn the steering wheel, have the power steering pump checked and replaced.

Step 2

Check for intermittent stalling or "bog down" when driving through the RPM range. This is caused by the Escape's fuel filter. Over time, the filter will get clogged by debris that accumulate in the Escape's large gas tank (caused by condensation). Correct the problem by checking the gap on the spark plugs or running fuel injector cleaner through the system. Only try one solution at a time to pinpoint the exact problem.

Step 3

Check for a knocking noise at low speeds. This is caused primarily by a worn drive axle in the Escape. However, it could also be the result of a worn side gear shaft counterbore in the transmission's differential case. Have this problem serviced by an experienced transmission expert.

Step 4

Check for a clicking noise when turning. This is caused by the Escape's CV joints failing. Due to the high angle that the CV joint must conform to on the the half-shaft of the Escape, this boot is prone to premature wear (compared with the other driveshaft). When this happens, the protective CV boot rips, axle grease leaks out and the joint dries out, causing it to grind.

Step 5

Check for excessive noise coming from the engine while the transmission is in neutral. You may have a damaged input gear bearing. This will need to be serviced by an experienced auto mechanic.

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