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How to Troubleshoot the Electrical System in a Ford Taurus

by Contributor

The Ford Taurus is an often recommended spacious sedan that's a close sibling to the Mercury Sable. The powerful engine can place many energy demands on your electrical system, so get to know your fuses and wiring in order to make some of the small repairs yourself.

Step 1

Give your Ford Taurus the once over if you haven't driven it for awhile. To get it up and running, you need tight, clean battery connections. Check for and replace any blown out fuses as well. Auto parts stores often test the charge your alternator is putting out for free.

Step 2

Watch out for rust on the alternator. Alternators on the Ford Taurus can't get a proper charge to power the rest of the car if rust develops. Headlights might get weak or your car may not even start because the alternator can't get power to the battery.

Step 3

Replace the alternator with a rebuilt one if your car won't start despite all your efforts. Rebuilt alternators often work just as well for much less.

Step 4

See if your 2006 Taurus meets the qualifications for a recall repair with an airbag warning light that stays lit. This model came with a special overlay wiring harness to allow for hands free cell phone usage. Unfortunately, circuits for the air bag light were omitted. For safety reasons, this is an electrical repair that needs to be made.

Get your windshield wipers to the down position when you turn them off by trouble shooting the wiper motor gear case. If you're knowledgeable about electrical systems, go ahead and repair the park switch or just change out the entire wiper motor assembly to limit the possibility of future problems with your windshield wipers.

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