How to Troubleshoot a Dodge Durango

by Alibaster Smith

The Durango is made by Dodge and is a full-sized sport utility vehicle. The SUV uses Dodge's famous Hemi engine on some late-model Durangos. While the new SUV market has seen a decline since 2007, used SUVs offer drivers a way to buy these large vehicles at a deep discount, depending on where you live. As with all used vehicles, the Durango does have a few common problems that you'll want to watch out for. Thankfully, it doesn't take an expert auto mechanic to diagnose the Durango.

Check the air intake filter for damage, or check for erratic throttle response. Some models of the Durango were outfitted with aftermarket K&N; air filters as an optional upgrade. A small piece of material in the filter may break loose and get lodged in the throttle body opening, causing the throttle to stick. This can cause unintended throttle response when it is not wanted, possibly leading to an accident. You'll need to take your vehicle to a Dodge dealer to have this item serviced.

Check your Durango for vibration during normal driving. Durangos made between 1999-2003 have a defective rotor pilot for the wheel hub unit. This will prevent the wheel from fully seating against the hub and will result in vibration during normal driving and during braking. This could also cause the wheel to become separated from the hub (due to lug nuts snapping under stress) and the wheel coming off during normal operation. The rotor pilot issue is the subject of a recall and will need to be serviced at a Dodge dealership.

Take your Durango to to a Dodge dealership to have them check for a faulty transmission module. This module may cause wheel lockup when shifting from drive to neutral and back to drive again during normal driving over 40 miles per hour. This item is the subject of a recall and you can have this replaced at a Dodge dealership free of charge.

Take your Durango to a Dodge dealership if is was manufactured in 2006. Certain Durangos were equipped with a faulty steering knuckle due to a manufacturing problem. As a result, the steering knuckle could fracture suddenly without warning, and loss of steering would result. This component is the subject of a recall issued by Dodge and the service fee for repair is waived at any Dodge dealership.

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