How to Troubleshoot a Chrysler Town & Country

by Alibaster Smith

The Chrysler Town & Country has several known defects and design flaws that you may need to troubleshoot before replacing any components. If you've owned a Town & Country for any length of time, it may need major repairs. Many Chrysler vehicles are known for needing repairs or servicing after 65,000 miles.

Step 1

Turn the engine on and listen to the engine idle. If you hear a constant ticking sound, this is an indication that the Town & Country needs a valve adjustment. This is common on the Town & Country after 75,000 miles.

Step 2

Listen to the transmission. Shift the Town & Country into gear. If it bucks or shifts hard, you may need to check the transmission fluid level. Put the vehicle into park and open the hood. Pull out the transmission dipstick and check the fluid level. It should be between the upper and lower marks on the end of the dipstick. If it is not, you'll need to place a funnel in the transmission filler neck and fill the transmission with fluid until the oil level is sufficient.

Step 3

Check for oil seal failure. To do this, check the smoke coming out of the tailpipe of the vehicle. The Town & Country should have the valve cover seal replaced after 75,000 miles (or at least checked). If your exhaust is blue (or has a slight blue tinge), you are burning oil in the combustion chamber. You'll need to have this problem fixed by a professional mechanic.

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