How to Troubleshoot Chevy Silverado ABS Problems

by Alibaster Smith

The Chevy Silverado is a full-sized pickup truck. It uses an ABS system to monitor the brake pedal pressure and pump the brakes automatically for drivers if the wheels lock up. This is designed to help prevent skids and give the driver more control over the vehicle during inclimate weather. However, it is possible for the ABS system to fail or to malfunction. Fortunately, troubleshooting the system is fairly easy.

Step 1

Open the fuse box panel cover underneath the steering wheel by pulling the release lever and pulling the fuse box panel down.

Step 2

Remove the fuse for the ABS system with a fuse puller located in the fuse box cover.

Step 3

Check the fuse to make sure that it is not blown. If it is, you'll need to replace it with another fuse of the same amperage.

Step 4

Look behind each wheel of the Silverado. On the back of the wheel hub are the wires for the ABS system. The ABS sensor sits on the wheel bearing and hub assembly, and looks like a small rectangular box. Check to make sure all wires are connected and are not damaged.

Step 5

Turn the ignition key to the "II" position and check the ABS light. The dash lights will light up initially and should then go out after a few seconds. If the ABS light stays on, then the ABS system has failed. Because the ABS system is secured to the wheel bearings, both units must be changed by a professional mechanic.

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