Toyota Interior Paint Codes

by Krista Martin
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The interior paint code for Toyota vehicles is the code that corresponds to the correct color of the interior. Toyota uses a wide variety of colors for its vehicles and classifies them by number codes. The color codes are found on the door jam of Toyota vehicles.


The color codes for the Toyota vehicles are usually found on the inside of the driver's door or on the pillar of the driver's door. A white label contains a bar code. Under the bar code but before the model number is a four digit, alpha-numeric code that corresponds to the color code. The codes appear before the letters "C/TR." The "C" stands for the color of the exterior and "TR" for the color of the trim or interior.


The interior trim color code is used to assist drivers and auto body shops with repairs to the interior trim. When replacing the carpet or panels, use the trim code to ensure that the color of the replacement fabric or panel will match the interior. The manufacturer can provide the fabric or panel replacement according to the color code.


There are plenty of resources available if you want to know the exact color that corresponds to the color code. Most color codes correspond to color names such as "Alaskan White" or "Apricot Pearl." The name is denoted by the code number. You can view your Toyota owner's manual for the specific color name or browse Toyota color codes and names online.

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