Toyota Corolla Front Bumper Removal

by Chris Moore
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If you are simply replacing your Toyota Corolla's bumper with an aftermarket or customized version, you should only need to remove the bumper cover. If the bumper has been damaged in a collision, you need to remove the cover and bumper beam for replacement. If the bumper has been badly damaged, adjust the removal procedure as necessary to compensate for the damaged areas.

Preparing the Car

To completely access the bumper, raise the Corolla's front end and support it on jack stands; make sure the parking brake is applied. The bumper works with the air bag system, so you need to disable the air bag--disconnect the battery completely from the car by disconnecting the negative cable first, then the positive. Wait at least two minutes after disconnecting. If the Corolla has fog lights, disconnect their electrical connectors, which are located on the back of the bumper fascia.

Bumper Cover

The bumper is mounted on top, on the bottom and on the sides. There should be 10 mounting fasteners securing the bumper cover in each fender well that you must remove along with the fender well liner. Pop up the center button on the plastic fasteners with a small screwdriver, but don't remove the center buttons, as they stay in the ferrules. Take off the engine splash panels underneath the bumper cover to get to the bottom fasteners, then remove the screws and plastic pins--there are two fasteners at the corners and two near the middle of the bottom edge. The screws that hold the grille in place also secure the bumper cover at the top. Unscrew the screws at each side of the grille and remove it. Make sure all of the fasteners have been removed before you lift and pull the bumper cover off the car. This should take at least two people to lift off.

Bumper Beam

The bumper beam is located behind the bumper cover and is the main component for absorbing an impact. To remove the beam, remove the four mounting nuts, which are located at the four corners of the beam. Pull the beam off its mounts. Like the bumper cover, this may take two people, and you should use caution if the beam has been damaged in an impact, as it could break apart if it isn't already.

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