How to Tow With a Chevrolet Equinox

by Vincent Labbate

The Chevrolet Equinox is a sport utility vehicle that can tow up to 3,500 pounds with the towing package. The towing capabilities include the 1LT, 2LT and LTZ all-wheel-drive models. The towing package includes the trailer hitch and Department of Transportation-approved lighting cables. Setting up the trailer to the hitch is straightforward. The tougher task comes with driving the trailer on the road and being capable of handling sharp turns.

Setting up the Trailer


Align the trailer ball hitch to the trailer's coupler by reversing the Equinox to where the two parts meet. The trailer coupler should have already been lifted, and wheels secured with blocks to prevent the trailer from moving out of place. Use a spotter to help center the ball and coupler so that the ball is directly under the latch.


Turn the handle holding the trailer upright counterclockwise to lower the trailer onto the ball hitch. The Equinox will be supporting some of the trailer's weight at this point.


Fasten the coupler with the lock system the trailer and Equinox came with. The locks will prevent the trailer from breaking loose.


Secure the two hitch security devices in case the trailer breaks loose while driving. Attach one end of the chains to a sturdy part of the bottom of the trailer and the other end of the chains to the bottom latch of the Equinox. Do not place the chains on the hitch of the Equinox. Secure the breakaway switch from the trailer to the bumper of the Equinox. This will engage the trailer brakes if the trailer breaks from the vehicle.


Connect the electronic components. Remove the electronic plug cover of the Equinox by popping it off. This is located next to the trailer ball hitch directly under the bumper of the vehicle. Insert the plug from the trailer into this outlet. This provides the lights for the trailer, such as the brake lights.


Inspect the trailer attachment twice over. Fix any hanging wires or chains using safety ties. Tighten all bolts clockwise using the adjustable wrench. Remove the blocks from under the trailer's wheels before driving.

Driving with the Trailer


Accelerate with ease in order to pull the trailer efficiently. Shift to a lower gear in the Equinox to gain higher revs per minute while driving up hills.


Inspect the turn ahead before driving through it. Make wider right turns in order for the trailer to make the proper cut into the lane. The longer the trailer, the wider the right-hand turn has to be made. Left-hand turns tend to be more forgiving, since the angle of turn is not as acute as when turning right.


Start braking at a further distance. More weight is added with the trailer so it takes longer to stop.


  • check Use a spotter to help align the Equinox with the trailer.
  • check Check the trailer lights to make sure they are properly working once the connection has been made with the vehicle.


  • close Never engage or disengage a trailer on uneven ground.
  • close Use caution when lowering the trailer to the coupler.

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