How to Tighten the Rack & Pinion on a Club Car

by Mike Aguilar

Cars like the Club Car are becoming more and more popular with the increasing price of fuels today. Your battery-powered Club Car is a precision vehicle that requires periodic maintenance to keep it in top running condition. Most people remember to check the brakes, fluid levels and condition of the batteries when they perform regular maintenance. One area most people neglect is the steering system. The rack and pinion steering system on your Club Car needs periodic inspection and maintenance just like everything else in the car.

Step 1

Place wheel blocks in front of and behind one of the rear wheels. Place the jack under an appropriate lifting point in the front and lift the vehicle until the wheels are clear of the ground. Place jack stands under the frame behind the wheels and lower the vehicle onto the stands.

Step 2

Rotate the steering wheel from lock to lock a few times, making note of any apparent slippage or play.

Step 3

Turn the wheel slightly to one side or the other to get the rack out of the neutral steer (centered/forward) position.

Step 4

Loosen the large adjustment locknut on the bottom of the rack by turning it counterclockwise with the large wrench.

Step 5

Tighten the center adjusting bolt/screw/nut using an appropriate tool (usually a large flat screwdriver, sometimes an Allen wrench) by turning it clockwise until the adjuster makes contact with the rack. Back the adjuster off 22.5 to 45 degrees.

Step 6

Hold the center adjustment screw/bolt with the appropriate tool. Tighten the locknut with the large wrench by turning it clockwise while holding the center adjusting bolt. Turn the steering wheel from lock to lock a few ties, checking for binding.

Step 7

Raise the vehicle off the stands and remove the stands. Lower the vehicle and remove the wheel blocks.

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