What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Electronic Fuel Pump?

by Dwight Malone

Even for a well-trained mechanic, a weak and failing electronic fuel pump can be difficult to diagnose. The symptoms are easy to spot, but they are often confused with different mechanical problems. If you learn the warning signs of a failing electronic fuel pump, it can eliminate unnecessary repair and towing costs and avoid a vehicle breakdown on the road.

Engine Misfire

When traveling at highway speeds, the engine will misfire, resulting in the car stuttering for a short period of time.

Unusual Noise

A failing electronic fuel pump will sometimes result in a loud whining sound coming from the fuel tank.

Vehicle Won't Start

If the electronic fuel pump has completely failed, the car will crank but will not start.

Car Runs Intermittently

The vehicle turns off unexpectedly but after sitting for some time, will restart.

Trouble Climbing Hills

When climbing hills or needing more power, the vehicle loses power and is sluggish, signaling a fuel starvation issue.

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Dwight Malone is a journalist who has worked for various Chicago-area newspapers, including the "Chicago Tribune" and "Naperville Sun." He has been a writer, editor and graphic designer since 2000. Malone studied journalism at Eastern Illinois University.

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