How Does the Subaru Tribeca Sport Shift Work?

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Purpose of Sportshift

The Subaru Tribeca Sportshift allows you to take manual control of the SUV and shift gears to gain more power and pep or help get you up/down a hill. Although it uses an automatic transmission, and the vehicle shifts the gears itself, the Sportshift provides an extra sense of control while driving your SUV, without the need for a clutch.

Switching to Sportshift Mode

The Subaru Tribeca Sportshift works by shifting gears without the need for a clutch. According to the Subaru Tribeca manual, when you move the shifter into Sport mode, the sport light will turn on to identify that the Sportshift is activated. After the Sportshift is activated, the selector/lever gear position indicator will show the current gear position. The upshift/downshift indicator will inform you of the appropriate shift action to perform based on need. The Up arrow indicates an upshift; a Down arrow indicates a downshift.

Safety Considerations

In the event you use your Subaru Sportshift and forget to upshift, the transmission will automatically shift to the next gear at the point of redline. This is to prevent engine damage. However, in the reverse instance, if you forget to downshift, the transmission will not switch gears unless you come to a complete stop, at which the vehicle returns back to first gear.

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