How to Strap a Car on a Trailer

by C.L. Rease

A car improperly strapped to a car trailer creates a variety of dangerous situations, starting with the car breaking free. Correct position combined with the correct placement of the tie-down straps ensures you avoid the majority of dangers involved with towing a car on a trailer.

Align the front tires of the car with the center of the trailer ramps. Drive the car onto the trailer. Stop the car when its center rests 1 to 2 feet ahead of the trailer axles.

Turn off the vehicle and set the emergency brake.

Hook one end of a tie-down strap to the front, right-hand side of the trailer. Slide the hook on the other end of the strap into a hole in the vehicle frame. Tighten the strap to pull the vehicle toward the trailer.

Connect and tighten a second strap to the left-hand side of the trailer and the vehicle frame. Tighten the strap to secure the front of the vehicle.

Connect additional straps between the rear corners of the vehicle and the tie points of the trailer.

Tighten each strap enough to remove play from the vehicle suspension.

Tow the trailer for 10 to 12 miles. Check each strap for tightness before towing the trailer for long distances.

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