How to Stop a Leak in Freeze Plugs

by James Wiley
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Freeze plugs serve several important functions in an automobile. Freeze plugs prevent water from freezing inside an engine, and also help hold cylinders in place inside the car. A freeze plug that needs repair will be leaking coolant, and will need to either be resealed or replaced, depending on how bad the damage is. Freeze plug replacement can be performed without hiring an auto mechanic, but requires proficiency with auto parts and the tools used with them. In any case, it is always good to at least get an estimate from a mechanic, since these estimates are free.

Step 1

Seal up the crack or leak in the freeze plug with a sealant. This solution may only be temporary, and many damaged freeze plugs need to be completely replaced. The sealant will prevent further leaking until you have the replacement parts necessary.

Step 2

Hit the freeze plug until it pops through its position in the engine by striking it with the large screwdriver. Use the screwdriver or pliers to pull the plug out carefully once it has popped out.

Step 3

Clean out the plug's hole in the engine by scraping it with sandpaper to get rid of old sealant and signs of corrosion, such as rust. Failure to clean the engine plug hole could cause future leakage problems.

Step 4

Position the replacement freeze plug in the hole block and again use the screwdriver to hammer it into place. Surround the plug with sealant once it is properly inserted and secured; the sealant will help solidify the freeze plug's positioning in the engine.

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