How to Get the Steering Column Apart on a Jeep CJ7

by Daniel Valladares

If you wish to replace the combination switch or ignition lock on your Jeep CJ7, you will need to take apart the vehicle's steering column. Disassembling the CJ7's steering column is fairly simple, but it can take some time due to all of the screws and bolts that need to be removed. You can expect to complete the disassembling of the CJ7's steering column in approximately 90 minutes.

Lift up the Jeep's hood and locate the battery near the front of the engine compartment. Use a socket wrench to remove the negative battery cable.

Remove the two screws at the rear of the steering wheel. Pull the steering wheel off of the steering column with a steering wheel puller.

Remove the screws from the upper and lower steering column panels with a Phillips screwdriver.

Use a slotted screwdriver to pry off both the upper and lower steering column panels. Reassemble the steering column when done. Reassembly is the reverse of removal. If you wish to remove the whole steering column from the Jeep, remove the four securing bolts at the rear of the column with a socket wrench and pull the column off of the Jeep.

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