What are the Specifications of a VED 12 Engine?

by Sarah McLeod
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DIESEL; image by Harald Soehngen from Fotolia.com

Volvo Trucks North America engineered the 465 horsepower VE D12 engine. A heavy-duty diesel engine, the VE D12, delivers between 800 and 900 foot-lbs. of torque at 465 horsepower. This strength of force is countered with an engine brake that uses 350 horsepower to stop 23 engine revolutions per minute. Direct fuel injectors increase fuel economy and the use of multiple oil filters and an oil pre-heater optimize engine oil use.

Base Configuration

VE D12 is a single overhead cam engine that actuates electronic unit fuel injectors and four valves per cylinder each time the camshaft rotates. According to Engineers Edge, timed camshaft rotation causes the engine valves' opening and closing and fuel injector intervals to be timed in line as well. The fact that this engine operates with one camshaft is indicative of it being a larger V-type engine. VE D12 compresses air at a ratio of 17.3 to 1. Automotive engineers at eng-tip.com explain that the VE engine's longer stroke of 5.90 inches, compared with a bore of 5.16 inches, produces low-speed torque.

Engine Equipment

The VE D12 engine's compressor compresses air at 18.7 cubic feet per minute. A standard exhaust pressure governor (EPG) maintains the engine's temperature while at idle speeds. The EPG exhaust brake rating is 225 horsepower at 2,300 rpm. The VE D12 engine is equipped with a fuel pre-heater that prevents fuel gelling at sub-zero temperatures. An engine compression brake, weighing 25 lbs., is also an available supplement to the truck's braking system. The compression brake has a stopping power of 350 horsepower at 2,300 rpm. The VE D12 engine's power take off assembly is mounted on the side of the engine and issues 60 horsepower per every 370 foot lbs.

Oil Service

Volvo Truck North America recommends the use of Volvo's VDS-2 oil, severe duty or EO-N premium plus, in their VE D12 engines. A complete oil change would require 34 quarts. The oil is filtered by one bypass and two full flow oil filters while in use. Recommended oil change service intervals are at 12,000, 15,000 and 25,000 miles.


Volvo Trucks North America truck warranties cover the cost of parts and labor to replace engine components. The VE D12 engine's basic warranty is valid for the first 24 months, 250,000 miles or 6,250 hours of use. Major engine components are covered for the first 60 months, 500,000 miles or 12,500 hours of use. Emission components are covered for the first 60 months, 250,000 miles or 6,250 hours of use.

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