Specifications for a Honda TRX 70

by Alexis Writing

The Honda TRX 70 is a four wheeler for outdoor use that is sometimes known as an ATV, or all terrain vehicle. The TRX 70 was only made for a two-year period between 1985 and 1987. Then it was replaced by the TRX 90. Although it is no longer made, the Honda TRX 70 still has some key features worth knowing about.

Engine Specs

The Honda TRX 70 had a 70-cubic-centimeter-displacement, gasoline-powered engine that would allow for a high top speed. The TRX 70 engine was a four-stroke engine, meaning it had a separate oil sump that did not require the use of oil mixed into the gasoline in order to operate. This small engine allowed the ATV to travel relatively fast, with a top speed of 30 to 35 miles per hour.


The Honda TRX 70 had a four-speed manual transmission similar to that found in many motorcycles. The transmission had to be shifted by hand whenever more power or speed was desired by the operator. This allowed for its use in racing, where optimum shift points and other manually operated benefits of a manual transmission are desirable to squeeze out the maximum amount of speed and power available from an engine in a small vehicle.


There are a number of different potential modifications that can be made to improve the performance and power of the little ATV. Popular kits include crankshaft and piston upgrades that can help you to squeeze more power out of the engine, as well as upgraded gear sets and different types of drive chains that can allow for a higher or lower gear ratio as necessary for performing different tasks around the home, camp or farm.

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