Specifications of a John Deere CT322 Skid Steer

by Todd Young

A skid steer, such as the John Deere CT332, is a mid-size piece of construction equipment. The main purpose of a skid steer is to load or excavate dirt on a construction site. The wheels on a skid steer steer or operate independent of one another; this feature allows the skid steer to maneuver in small areas and with a tight radius.


The John Deere CT332 has a Deere PowerTech 5030Tw engine. The CT332 runs from a 186 cubic-inch, five-cylinder engine. This engine has a gross horsepower output of 82 and a net horsepower output of 76. The engine uses a turbo charger, and holds 12.5 qt. of oil and 2.1 gallons of coolant.


The transmission is hydrostatic. This means that the transmission uses hydraulic fluid to control the transmission speed and to stop the skid steer when the throttle is put in reverse. In single speed mode the CT332 has a top speed of 6.2 mph. In the two-speed low mode it travels 5.3 mph. In two-speed high the skid steer can go up to 7.8 mph.


The tip limit for this skid steer is 9,200 lbs. You should not operate the CT332 above 35 percent of its tip limit. This gives it a lift capacity of 3,200 lbs. The construction bucket is built to withstand 8,210 lbs. of weight in it, while the foundry bucket can withstand pressures up to 11,600 lbs. The vehicle operates on two sets of tracks.


The CT332 is 138.5 inches long, with its bucket. It measures 82.9 inches to the top of the safety canopy and can dump materials up to 102 inches in the air. It sits 11 inches off the ground and can move its bucket 45 degrees to dump material. The CT332 weighs 10,825 lbs. and can hold 28 gallons of fuel. The standard track width is 12.6 inches wide, but to help better distribute the weight a 15.8-inch wide track is available.

Electrical Systems

The CT332 uses a 12-volt battery with 925 cold cranking amps. The alternator produces 12 volts of electricity, with 70 amps. Two halogen lights are in the front of the machine, and one halogen is in the rear.

Operator Cab

Dual joysticks control the CT332. You can upgrade to an all-season cab that is enclosed and offers heat and A/C for operator comfort. The cab has a cup holder, dome light, 12-volt charger and a cell phone storage area.


You can equip your CT332 with a whole line of attachments, to handle a wide range of jobs. For example, you can attach an auger, backhoe, broom, various specialty buckets, snow plow, roller or fork lifts.

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