Specifications for the 5EFE Engine

by Alan Edwards
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Toyota made two versions of the four -cylinder 5E-FE engine. Produced from 1992 to 1995, the first-generation 5E-FE engine was the base motor in the Toyato Paseo and Cynos.

The second-generation 5E-FE engine was in production from 1995 to 1999. It was the base engine for the Toyato Paseo, Cynos, Tercel and Corsa.

First-Generation Specifications

The first-generation 5E-FE Toyota engine produced 100 horsepower at 6,400 rpm. The torque was rated at 91ft.-lb. at 3200 rpm. The engine displacement in cubic centimeter was 1497. The 5E-FE had a cylinder bore of 77 mm and a stroke of 77.4 mm. Its compression ratio was 9.4 to 1. The engine had four valves per cylinder for a total of 16 valves. The valve angle was 25 degrees. The engine was of the dual-overhead-camshaft design. It used a distributor-type ignition system. The factory specified spark plug gap was 0.044 inches. The engine was fuel-injected with excess fuel returned to be burned. The head gasket thickness was 1 mm. The cylinder head combustion chamber volume was 39 cubic centimeters.

First-Generation Additional Information

The first-generation 5E-FE was an improved version of Toyota's 3E-E motor. The 5E-FE had a 16-valve engine with 18 more horsepower than the same-sized 12 valve 3E-E. This was a meaningful improvement, and many enthusiasts replaced their 3E-E with the 5E-FE.

Some parts are shared between the two engines, such as the crankshaft and connecting rods.

Second-Generation Specifications

Introduced by Toyota in 1995, the second-generation 5F-FE motor had a number of improvements over the first generation. Toyota reduced the bore to 74 mm, although the stroke remained the same. Horsepower decreased to 94, but was reached at a lower engine speed of 5400 rpm. The torque increased to 100 ft.-lb. at 3,400 rpm. Toyota modified the ignition system to a distributerless type. There was a head gasket revision to a thickness 0.5 mm. The diameter of the cylinder intake port was 24.4 mm, while the exhaust port diameter was 21 mm.

The engine was the base engine in the Toyota Paseo, Corsa, Tercel and Cynos.

Additional Information for the Second Generation

More technically advanced than its earlier version, the second-generation 5E-FE utilized knock-sensing technology and a distributorless-ignition system. In 1997, Toyota completed a small redesign to the engine by removing the EGR valve and replacing it with an advanced charcoal canister system without compromising emission standards. Simultaneously, Toyota amended the fuel system to be returnless.

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