How to Soup Up a Honda Civic

by Editorial Team

We have all seen the movie "Fast and the Furious." If you want to live your life in the fast lane, here is a little insight on how to start. Read on to learn some techniques to soup up your Honda Civic. There are many ways to this. You can do engine upgrades, or just cosmetic upgrades. The choice is yours. This will explain some cool cosmetic options that are available.

Step 1

Start cheap by purchasing some clear tail light lenses. This only takes but a few minutes to install and you can purchase the good ones for under rather inexpensively.

Step 2

One of the other main cosmetic upgrades available on the market is after market exhaust. Once installed, it will sound like you drive a race car. You can choose to go with a really fat tube that produces a deep throaty growl sound or a skinnier exhaust pipe that produces a higher pitch noise. Either way, it will sound much better than the stock exhaust. It will not do too much as far as performance, but it looks and sounds really cool.

Step 3

Racing seats are another cool item to install. Some of these seats come with 5-point racing seatbelts. In the event of a rollover at high speeds, these can save your life and prevent you from being thrown around the vehicle.

Step 4

One obvious upgrade is a new steering wheel. There are so many to choose from, it really depends on personal preference.

Step 5

Wheel and tire upgrades are one of the flashiest upgrades and extremely easy to do if you have some extra cash laying around. If your intent is to race, look for an aluminum wheel and a very low profile tire. Try a Yokohama tire or Pirelli. These will help the car stick to the ground and greatly increase the handling of the vehicle.

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