How to Soup Up Your Car

by Hans Fredrick
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If you're not happy with the power that you get from your car, you don't have to sell it and upgrade to a faster model. Instead. You can improve it by customizing performance options. Many types of modifications can soup up a car and give it more power. Some are inexpensive and easy for a do-it-yourself mechanic. Others might require professional assistance.

Step 1

Install a new air filter in your car. A better air filter improves power because it provides more air for combustion. A dirty air filter decreases the fuel efficiency, so it's important to change air filters regularly, anyway. A high flow-filter can increased power. (Reference 1)

Step 2

Put a new exhaust system on your car. A high performance exhaust system can provide three benefits. It can improve your car's appearance, it can improve your car's sound signature, and it can boost horsepower by as much as 15 percent. (Reference 2)

Step 3

Install performance cylinder heads. If your stock cylinder heads only have one intake and one exhaust valve, you do not get maximum power from the engine. Invest in performance heads that have a total of four valves per cylinder to boost your horsepower. (Reference 3)

Step 4

Install a chip in your car that will fine tune the electrical systems to maximize power. A new chip can be pre-programmed, or a technician can program it to custom tune the engine's settings. You might need professional help with this one, but since computers control most engine and combustion functions in all new cars, adjusting the settings for maximum power is important. (Reference 4)

Step 5

Make cosmetic and physical changes to your car. A souped up engine isn't nearly as much fun if your car doesn't look the part. Custom paint and a custom interior complete the conversion. There are some physical changes you can make that will improve performance, like adding a spoiler and reducing weight.

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