What Are the Signs of a Bent Car Frame?

by Malinda Smith
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When buying a used car, there are some important things to check first. One of these things is damage to the frame of the car. A damaged frame can be costly to fix and can cause the car to be improperly aligned, which can cause extra wear and tear on your tires. To make sure you buy a safe, dependable and economical car, check to see if the car has frame damage.

Door Alignment

Check to see if the doors and trunk open and close without catching. If they catch, there could be a problem with the car's frame. Often, a damaged door is a sign a vehicle has been in an accident.

Under the Car

Check under the car on both sides with a flashlight for any bends in the metal or welding marks visible on the metal frame rails of the car. Check all sides of the vehicle.

Measure Door Openings

All doors should be the same length and width as the other side. Measure the openings to see if there are any discrepancies.

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