Should I change Brakes if They Still Have 40 Percent?

by Editorial Team
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Change the Brakes Now

Brake change recommendations vary by vehicle. Some mechanics recommend a rule of thumb of 25 percent brake life remaining. Some shop manuals recommend change with as low as 10 percent life remaining. Even with 40 percent life remaining it is probably profitable to change the pads if other brake work is already being done.

Change the Brakes Later

Forty percent brake pad availability is well above what is required for normal brake change. If the brakes are not squealing and there is no vibration in the system, there is no need to change the brakes until pad thickness is reduced to 25 percent.

Bottom Line

When a mechanic tells a driver there is only 40 percent availability on brake pads some people will feel the pads need to be changed. Only change pads with more than 25 percent availability if mechanics are already doing other brake work.

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