How to Polish Chrome

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Chrome can enhance the look of cars, trucks, home appliances and other decor. Dirty chrome is dull and gray, while clean chrome has a mirror-like shine that makes it look brand new again. Learn how to shine chrome by following these simple steps.

Determine if the surface is chrome or possibly a different polished metal. Chrome can be damaged if cleaned with cleaners intended for other types of metal.

Clean the chrome area with soap and warm water. This will remove any dirt, mud or build-up on the surface of the chrome. Chrome can scratch easily so take care not to rub dirt or sand into the surface as you clean it.

Dry the surface with a soft towel. Patting the surface is safer than rubbing or wiping the chrome.

Wipe a chrome polish onto the chrome. Follow the directions to know if the product should stay on or be removed immediately. Clean the polish off with a soft, dry towel or rag.

Add a thin wax to the surface of the chrome. Make sure the wax you use is safe for chrome surfaces.

Buff the chrome surface with a soft, dry rag or towel. This makes the chrome shine with a mirror finish.


  • close Never clean or wipe chrome surfaces with stiff brushes or rough towels. Chrome surfaces scratch easily and can not be repaired without re-chroming the entire surface.
  • close Don't allow soap or water to remain on the surface of the chrome. Dry the chrome immediately with a dry towel. Water spots will show on the surface, taking away from the shine of the chrome.

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