How to Sell a Car in Texas

by Brooke Pierce

To sell your car in Texas, you must follow specific regulations. When you understand the required procedure to sell and transfer your car to the new owner, it will make the process easier. All the relevant documents must pass through Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Familiarize yourself with the steps prior to the selling your car in Texas.

Find a Suitable Buyer

Visit the Texas DMV with the buyer and ensure that all the necessary forms are filled out. You can locate the nearest Texas DMV office online. You can also access extra tips on how to sell your car safely and efficiently through

Transfer the Title Certificate

In Texas, a title certificate must be transferred officially, including completing all necessary fields on the form. Submit a bill of sale, odometer disclosure and a valid car title. Keep records and copies of these documents, because you may require them for future reference in legal matters.

Complete the Bill of Sale

The bill of sale contains the relevant details about the vehicle and the sale price. You can get a generic bill of sale by downloading the Texas bill of sale. This sample bill of sale from Jefferson County is very basic, but if your county does not offer a bill of sale form, you can use this one instead.

Apply for a Duplicate Title Certificate

If your title certificate is missing, you must replace it. To successfully get a duplicate certificate, complete the Application of a Certified of Title form, provide a copy of your ID and pay the application fee. For mailed applications, you need to pay $2 -- or $5.45 for when you submit the application in person -- at the time of publication. Contact your nearest DMV office in Texas to submit the form.

Provide a Vehicle History Report

Provide the buyer with the car history report. The report will help you to complete the selling process, because the buyer will be more comfortable during the transaction. Check here for a detailed vehicle history report and order one.

Transfer the License Plate

Remove your license plate before surrendering the vehicle to the new owner. You can transfer the license plate to a different car at the county tax assessor collector’s office.

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