How to Sell a Car in Arizona

by Melissa Hincha-Ownby

When it comes time to upgrading your vehicle to a newer or more gas efficient model, it is wise to sell your current vehicle as opposed to trading it in. Depending on the year and condition of your used car, you can make several thousand dollars more by selling it to a private party. If you live in the state of Arizona, selling your car to another person is easy. Read on to learn how to sell a car in Arizona.

Advertise Your Car

Point your web browser to the "Cars and Trucks for Sale section" of the Phoenix Craigslist. You will reach a large audience without shelling out a lot of money for a classified advertisement. Prior to listing your vehicle, look at the asking price for other cars of your make and model to ensure that you price appropriately.

List your car in the Free Classifieds section of the KTAR website. KTAR is Arizona’s most popular talk radio station and thousands of viewers visit the Free Classifieds daily.

Plan an online advertisement for your car through the AZCentral automobile classifieds site. AZCentral has partnered with to offer competitive pricing and a large viewership to help sell your car more quickly. Once you have found a buyer for your car, continue on to the next section to find out the steps you need to take in order to transfer title properly.

Transferring Ownership

Fill out the information requested on the back of the car’s title after you have found a buyer for your car. You will need to enter the buyer’s name and address, in addition to signing the release. The new owner will then take this to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have the car re-titled in his name.

Notify the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles that the automobile has been sold. This can easily be done via the Service Arizona website. You will need to have the car’s VIN as well as your driver’s license number.

Apply for a plate refund via the Service Arizona website. If your car’s registration has not expired then you may be due a refund of the registration fees. There is a mandatory $12.00 fee assessed on all refunds.


  • check Make a copy of the title that you have filled out keep it in your records.


  • close Once you sell the car, do not forget to remove the license plate. License plates in Arizona are assigned to the owner and not to the vehicle.

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