How to Safely Exit a Highway

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Exiting a highway should be a very simple and safe maneuver for any experienced driver, yet many accidents occur at this time. The deceleration lane (commonly referred to as the exit ramp or exit lane) is designed to assist drivers in slowing down as they exit the highway. The key here is to safely slow down! Here are some guidelines to safely exit a highway.

Move into the proper lane well before time for you to exit, especially during the busy part of the day or in heavy traffic.

Maintain your speed until you reach the deceleration lane or exit lane.

Use proper signals showing the other drivers you intend to exit the highway. This should be done approximately 500 feet before the exit lane.

Enter the exit lane smoothly and without cutting in front of the other drivers.

Slow down on the exit ramp until you reach the legal speed limit which should be posted. Check your speedometer.

Maintain adequate space between your vehicle and the other vehicles on the road.

Be prepared to come to a complete stop if the traffic is heavy. Also be prepared to come to a complete stop at the end of the exit ramp.


  • close If you miss your exit, do not stop, backup or cross the median to turn around. Take the next exit.

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