How to Return My Car to Ford

by Shanan MillerUpdated May 30, 2018
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If planning to return your vehicle to Ford because you can no longer make your payments, this is known as a voluntary repossession. A voluntary repossession has the same impact on your credit report as an involuntary repossession (where the bank collects your car). If returning a lease to Ford, you should have already spoken to a Ford lease-end consultant by phone and received your wear-and-tear evaluation information. Ensure all vehicle repairs have been completed before you return your lease.

Voluntary Repossession

Call Ford Credit Vehicle Financing at 800-727-7000 to discuss payment options. Voluntary repossession should be a last resort because of the effect it has on your credit. Ford Credit may offer a payment plan that fits your needs. Otherwise, call to let a representative know that you plan to return your vehicle.

Clean your leased vehicle. Locate both sets of keys and the owner's manual; all items must be returned with the car. Call the Ford dealership you originally leased or financed from or locate a dealer in your area.

Make an appointment to return the vehicle. Arrange for a ride and arrive at the time discussed with all vehicle belongings. Write down the mileage of your vehicle, the vehicle identification number (VIN), the date and name of the person taking your vehicle.

Ask the person taking your vehicle to sign the return verification note you created in the previous step. Keep it in case there is any discrepancy with return date or mileage.

Lease Return

Complete a vehicle inspection before returning your leased vehicle. The Ford website states that lessees receive contact 35 to 45 days before lease-end to complete the wear-and-tear assessment. If you have not been contacted, contact your originating Ford dealer right away.

Call your local Ford dealer to arrange for your lease return. Doing so allows the dealer to take care of the return in a timely manner. Make the appointment for a day on or before the end-of-lease date.

Arrange for a ride to the dealership and ask to speak to the person in charge of accepting lease returns. Pay excess wear-and-tear or over-mileage fees to the dealer, if applicable. Review the Odometer Statement, which states your returning mileage, and sign it.

Ensure that you return all extra keys and the owner's manual and that is documented correctly. Verify the date on your lease-end confirmation sheet. Obtain a copy of the sheet before leaving to protect yourself from additional charges.

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