How to Reset the Air Bag Light on a 1993 Toyota Corolla

by Katebo

A 1993 Toyota Corolla comes equipped with an OBD, or On-Board Diagnostics, computer system that reads and stores trouble codes sent to it from sensors placed throughout the vehicle. The sensors keep track of all of the vehicle's mechanical systems. When the air bag (or SRS -- Supplemental Restraint System) light illuminates on your dashboard, you need to have the vehicle checked right away to prevent a malfunctioning air bag. Once you have completed the repairs, reset the air bag light right away, so the computer will continue to monitor the air bag system properly.

Find the fuse panel cover on the dashboard between the steering column and the driver's door. Pull down on the panel cover with your fingers to open it. It may take a good tug to release the retaining clip.

Locate a yellow connector inside the fuse panel and remove it from the panel.

Unfold a paperclip and attach each end if it to each of the terminals on the connector. This will short the light out.

Put the connector back in the fuse panel and replace the cover.

Put the key into the ignition and start the engine. Verify that the air bag light has turned off.

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