How to Reset the Service Engine Light on a 2006 Chevy

by Katebo
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The service engine light illuminates on your 2006 Chevrolet when it is time to have a regularly scheduled oil change or tune up. The OBD, or On-Board Diagnostics computer, stores the codes from the vehicle's sensors. An OBD scanner tool can be used to read the codes and tell you exactly what is wrong with the vehicle. You can purchase an OBD scanner and do this yourself at home or you can take your car to your local auto parts retailer and they will scan and diagnose it for you for free. Either way, make sure you have the servicing done to your vehicle before you reset the service engine light. If not, the light will just keep coming back on.

Step 1

Pop the hood of the Chevy and loosen the nut that keeps the negative battery cable clamp in place on the negative side of the battery. This is known as the retaining nut. Remove the cable clamp from the terminal.

Step 2

Wait at least 15 minutes. Put the clamp back on the negative side of the terminal. Always take care to never allow the negative cable clamp to touch the positive side of the battery terminal.

Step 3

Put the key into the ignition and start the engine. Look on the dash board to see that the service engine light has turned off. If not, repeat the above steps again. Sometimes you have to do it several times for the light to turn off.

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