How to Reprogram Remote Access Keys for Subaru Impreza Cars

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Impreza is a sport-compact car manufactured by the Japanese auto manufacturer Subaru. If you lose the keyless remote for your Impreza or just want to add an additional remote, you will first have to program the new remote to your vehicle. Luckily, Subaru offers a way for you to program your remote at home without the assistance of a dealer. Unfortunately, the programming procedure is not as simple as many other cars. Programming the Impreza remote is the same whether you have the WRX, the wagon or the sedan.

Step 1

Find the serial number on your keyless remote. If you purchased the remote new from the dealer, the package will have the serial number listed. Otherwise, look on the back of the remote for the eight-digit serial code. You must have the code to program the remote.

Step 2

Close the doors, hood and trunk in your Impreza. Open the driver's door, sit in the driver's seat and shut the door.

Step 3

Open the driver's door from the inside, and then shut the door after a few seconds. Quickly insert your key into the ignition and toggle the key from "Lock" to "On" (without cranking) 10 times within a 15-second time frame.

Step 4

Listen for the beep, and then quickly open the driver's door and shut it. If you did not hear a beep, you have done the procedure incorrectly. Start over from the beginning.

Step 5

Listen for the next beep; this one lasts 30 seconds. Before the beeping stops, press the power door lock button on your door panel the number of times equal to the first digit on your keyless remote serial code. If the first digit is 4, you will press the button four times. You must complete this before the beeping stops.

Step 6

Press the unlock button on your door panel immediately after pressing the lock button the appropriate number of times.

Step 7

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each digit in your keyless remote serial code. Each serial code has 8 digits. Perform the process from left to right. When you have finished, the remote will be programmed to the vehicle. Repeat the entire process to program up to four remotes to your Impreza.

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