How to Replace a Wiper Motor on a Lexus

by Barry Index
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Like any moving part inside a vehicle that wears out over time, Lexus wiper motors are prone to failure after many years of service. Repairing wiper motors on a Lexus is a particular challenge due to its location. The procedure is actually quite simple, and no special tools are required. Removing a ventilator panel located beneath the windshield allows easy access to the wiper motor, however, while the panel is attached to the vehicle, the wiper motor is virtually invisible.

Step 1

Disconnect the battery. Insert the flat blade of a screwdriver into the notch of the wiper arm caps over the wipers at the foot of the windshield. Snap off the caps and then unbolt the wiper arms with a socket wrench. Place the small parts together in a tray so they can be easily reassembled later.

Step 2

Remove the two plastic clips on either end of the hood cowl seal. The cowl seal is a rubber barrier that keeps water from entering the internal cavity behind the hood. Snap and twist the clips out of the cowl seal. Then, unscrew the ventilator louver, the portion of the hood just below the windshield with air-cooling slots built into it, and remove the louver from the vehicle. The wiper motor assembly is housed below the ventilator louver.

Step 3

Disconnect the wiper link from the motor. The wiper link is a long, flat metal rod that joins both wipers on either side of the windshield to the wiper motor in the middle, just below the windshield. Use a screwdriver to pop off the bolt covers, then a socket wrench to remove the bolts from the wiper motor. Unbolt and remove the wiper link rod off both wipers. Consult the owner's manual for the exact location of the wiper motor and wiper link connections.

Step 4

Unscrew the nut that holds the wiper link to the wiper motor and lift off the wiper link. This nut is located on a metal plate with grooves etched into it. These are alignment marks so the wiper link can be reinstalled properly. Remove the screw that connects the electrical power line to the wiper motor, and then take off the three bolts holding the wiper motor to the car chassis. Replace the failed wiper motor with a new one.

Step 5

Replace the three bolts that hold the wiper motor to the chassis, and reconnect the power line. Replace the metal plate from the wiper link rod over the wiper motor, and replace the nut. Screw down the nut so it aligns with the grooves etched on the metal plate described in Step 4. Connect the wiper link to the wipers on either side of the windshield, and replace the ventilator louver and the cowl seal.

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